Why Focus
Every head of a bussiness or top manager occasionally finds himself in a situation when a decision has to be made and the end result will depend on the route taken. You may rely on intuition or you may try to look into the future by having a research done. In the choice is about the agency to find for it, no one can be 100% sure if your choice will be right at this stage, so your choicewill be subjective.If you decide to select out agency... ... we will do our utmost and use all our expertise for the results of your future business-solutions to be properly calculated and the right route to be defined. We will help you to see the future of your decisions.
Focus Quant
Don't know who, how many, how much, what for, how,
why and what will happen if ...?
Focus Quant offers qualified assistance in:

  • U&A surveys
  • Concept and ad pre-test
  • Concept and ad pre-test
  • Evaluation of advertising campaign effect
  • Product test (pack, brand-name, design, concept, etc.)
  • Tracking of advertising and brand image
  • Perception of brand image, positioning map
  • Market and consumers segmentation
  • Customer profile
  • Price expectations and pricing flexibility
  • Purchase satisfactions
  • Retail audit
  • Modeling of consumer behaviour (store shelf)
  • Evaluation of product-placement effectiveness in move and TV series
  • Evaluation of promo-actions effectiveness (promo-observation)
Focus Quant uses different methods to sole your tasks:

  • Intercept interviews
  • In-home interviews
  • In-store interviews
  • Hall-tests
  • Telephone interviews
  • Internet-inteviews
  • Post product-placement interviews
  • Home tests with products placement
Focus Quant will provide you with:

  • A team of expert English-speaking moderators/analysts
  • Research-consulting
  • Flexibility
  • Short research time
  • Guarantee of agreed time-frame of your project
  • Assistance in preparation of materials
  • Pilot interviews
  • Observation of hall-tests via the Internet
  • Possibility to observe on-line results of longitudinal surveys via the Internet
  • Delivery of results in any format convinient for the Client
  • Experienced team of company's coders and data input staff
  • Unique methodologies
  • All types of data analysis
  • Database maintance and additional analysis for a year after the project completion
  • Assistance in any question
Focus Qual
You cannot untangle the tangled thoughts?
Lost in the wood of ideas?
Don't know what to begin with?
Focus Qual offers qualified help in:

  • Testing of ideas
  • Testing of concepts, brand-names, lines of business, commercials
  • Studies of barriers and motivations
  • Studies of brand image of company perception.Analysis of competitors
  • Studies of possible positioning and repositioning
  • Identifying insights
  • Hypotheses generation
  • Identifying consumer behavior patterns
  • Product tests
  • Evaluation of consumer satisfaction with products
  • In-depth analysis of reasons for switching
  • Recomendations in launching/adaptation of a new product on the market
  • Respondents' casting for testimonials
Focus Qual uses a variety of methods to meet your objectives:

  • Standart focus-groups
  • Mini-groups
  • 1 on 1 interviews
  • 2 on 1 interviews
  • In-home visits
  • In-store simulated purchases-making and accompanied shopping
  • Conflict groups
  • Adaptation groups
  • "Landing" groups
  • Children's groups
  • Groups with moderators' dyads
  • Party-groups
  • Brainstroms
  • Expert interviews
  • Presence groups
  • Nominal groups
  • Groups with product-placement
Focus Qual will provide you with:

  • A team of expert English-speaking moderators/analysts
  • Research consulting
  • Polls of high-income and hard-to-reach audience
  • Flexibility
  • Short survey time
  • Debriefing immediately after the groups
  • Top-line the next day after the focus-groups
  • Guarantee of the project completion at the time approved
  • Assistance in preparation of meterials
  • Observation of the groups both through the one-way mirror and via the Internet
  • Comfortable conditions for focus-groups in the regions
  • Assistance in hotel accomodation and transport in the city
  • Simultaneous translation both during the research hours and in getting about the city
  • Help with any problem
Focus Field
Focus Field in qualitative studies
Focus Field has these processes under control

  • Pilot interviews
  • Permanent control of supervisors
  • Questionnaire completion quality check during fieldwork
  • Rating of inerviewer performance quality
  • Rating of reginal sub-contractor performance quality
  • Telephone back check of the 75% of respondents
  • "Stool pigeon" method
  • Special screening part
  • "Checking" questions included in the questionnaire
  • Route records
  • 10% extra questionnaires
  • Client's presence in the field during data collection
  • Possibility of random interviews observation through the "mirror" or via the Internet during hall-tests
Focus Field in quantitative studies
Focus Field has these processes under control

  • Carefully worked out detailed screening
  • Preliminary personal interviews with respondents invited for the group - conducted by a screening moderator
  • Extra respondents invited for the group
  • Rating of recruiters' performance quality
  • Database of respondents to fight "professional" respondents
  • Sharing "professianl" respondents database with other research agencies
Focus Online
Focus Leaders
Work expirience Sorina coordinates all the projects in the departament and always participates in briefings at the initial stage of all the projects. Her specialization is premium product groups, children's groups, telecommunications and banking products, organization of and consultations during the shooting of testimonials. sorina@focus-plus.ru
Hobby During the long time Sorina Miron has worked in Focus+ she has managed to build a team of people who are not only professionals but are also nice to work with. Her usual day starts as early as 7 a.m. and finishes after 10 p.m. She compensates this hard work by reading books, communicating with her cats and travelling to the most exotic parts of the world.
Work expirience Dmitry has been in the market research bussiness since 1995. In 1998 he started his agency - in the same month the country saw the economic crisis and may agencies preferred closing down. dmitry@focus-plus.ru
Hobby Manufacture of dry wine in his little winery not far from Moscow. On average, he makes 5,000 bottles a year, which is enough to last him, his family and friends till the next season. Sport cars. Assembly and tuning of British roadsters in Russia.
Focus Contacts
Moscow, 2-nd Brestskaya st, 9/1, room 501
Qualitative Department
Sorina sorina@focus-plus.ru
Quantitative Department
Dmitry dmitry@focus-plus.ru